Icelandic language classes are back!

The Icelandic Canadian Frón is resuming language classes this fall with a new approach. There will be three levels of classes, beginner, intermediate and advanced, as before, but what’s new is that the IC Frón will be following the Learning Icelandic program. This program is used by adults in Iceland who are learning Icelandic as an additional … Continue reading Icelandic language classes are back!

June 17th Jón Sigurðsson Day

Welcome Address Jón Sigurðsson Day/Iceland Independence Day Manitoba Celebration June 17, 2021 by Judy Bradley, President, Jon Sigurdsson Chapter IODE and Signy Thorsteinson, President, Icelandic Canadian Frón Jon Sigurdsson Chapter IODE and Icelandic Canadian Frón welcome you to the 39th annual Jón Sigurðsson Jón Day in Manitoba, and the 77th anniversary of the establishment of … Continue reading June 17th Jón Sigurðsson Day

Margret Jónsdóttir Benedictsson

WinnipegREALTORS® 2020 Citizens Hall of Fame Inductee Forerunner of women’s right to vote inducted in Citizens Hall of Fame Icelandic suffragette, social activist and journalist is program's 47th inductee July 30, 2020 - WINNIPEG - Cliff King, chair of WinnipegREALTORS® Citizens Hall of Fame program, is pleased to announce the selection of Margret Jónsdóttir Benedictsson as … Continue reading Margret Jónsdóttir Benedictsson