Only 4 days to go before the 100th Anniversary convention begins in Winnipeg. Members of the Icelandic Canadian Fron are busy getting everything ready for Thursday, May 16th, when participants of the convention will begin to arrive. Today we had a work bee to fill up the convention participant bags and deal with other last minute details.

Pictured above are some of our hard working volunteers that worked all afternoon to get the job done. From the young to the seasoned volunteer, everyone got in on the action.

And action there was! Bags, bags, everywhere! 275 convention bags were filled and prepared for transport to the hotel Thursday morning.

Even our Yule Lads got into the action. They were all packed up, ready for transport and the mischievous lads that they are, we had to keep a close eye on them. We almost lost Pot Licker as he tried to climb out of his box while our backs were turned.

Some last minute edits on some of our printed material rounded out the afternoon.

Our club room at the Scandinavian Centre looks more like a warehouse but I think we’re almost ready!

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Winnipeg.

Honour, Celebrate, Build

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