As the Icelandic National League of North America’s 100th anniversary convention date approaches everyone is getting involved in the many jobs that need to be done. Pictured above are members of our youth group preparing favours for the Gala dinner.

The youth group is led by Erika Thorsteinson and Karen Botting. They meet through the school year to participate in group activities and learn about their Icelandic heritage. Icelandic cooking, learning about the sagas and Norse mythology, creating their own Hnefatafl (Viking Chess) boards and learning to play the game well enough to hold a tournament are a few of the activities the youth group members have participated in. Members of the youth group have volunteered at Folklorama and some have presented their impressions of their time at Icelandic Language Camp to members of the Icelandic Canadian Fron. These are young people who are interested in their heritage and eager to participate. Our future is looking pretty good!

Honour, Celebrate, Build

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